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Free Stress Test: Assess your stress level & anxiety. Are you addicted to stress?

Free Stress Test: 20 questions
Quiz: Self-assessment of your Stress Level

Welcome to the free stress test. Find out if you are a person addicted to stress or if you know how to cope with stress in your life. Stress, which affects 25% of the Americans on a regular basis, can be addictive as adrenaline.

Take this quick 20-question quiz. Are you a secret (or not-so-secret) stress addict? A test validated by psychologists for a self-assessment of your stress. Test your stress profile! (see an example of results)

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Self-quiz questionnaire: Are you a stress addict?

Choose the option that best fits your feelings in the past weeks. There is no right or wrong answer, and be honest, we don't keep any data. The reliability of the test is amazing.

Question 1 / 20: Stress test

Do you find that you just can't start projects until the very last minute?

Question 2 / 20: Stress test

Are you able to say no when you're already swamped and are asked to help or volunteer?

Question 3 / 20: Stress test

Do you turn on the TV or crank up the music because you can't stand silence?

Question 4 / 20: Stress test

Do you surround yourself with friends who always bring the drama — even to quiet get togethers?

Question 5 / 20: Stress test

Are you happy to delegate tasks because you know you just can't do it all (nor do you want to)?

Question 6 / 20: Stress test

Do you think that all this talk about stress is for wimps who don't care about being successful?

Question 7 / 20: Stress test

When you go on vacation, do you leave your "real life" behind and truly get away?

Question 8 / 20: Stress test

When driving, do your passengers think you're an aggressive driver (tailgating, passing every car on the road, inching through an intersection before the light turns green)?

Question 9 / 20: Stress test

Do you take time to reflect on your day and your life either alone or with someone else?

Question 10 / 20: Stress test

Do you feel that you really do work best under pressure — the more the better?

Question 11 / 20: Stress test

Do you have a habit of over-promising at home or at work?

Question 12 / 20: Stress test

Are you always running behind schedule?

Question 13 / 20: Stress test

Do you believe that competition makes everything more fun?

Question 14 / 20: Stress test

Do you give yourself enough time to get a good night's sleep?

Question 15 / 20: Stress test

Do you feel like you must be reachable by your boss or co-workers 24/7?

Question 16 / 20: Stress test

Do you let some things that irritate you just roll off your back and forget about them?

Question 17 / 20: Stress test

Do you strive for perfection?

Question 18 / 20: Stress test

While you're in line to pay for your groceries, do you get upset when the other lines seem to be moving faster than yours?

Question 19 / 20: Stress test

Do you get angry about things or at people for no other reason except that you think they're "stupid"?

Question 20 / 20: Stress test

Do you compare yourself to others frequently or feel like others are judging you?

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