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Free Stress Test: 10 questions
Self-assessment Quiz: Are you stressed out?

Welcome to the free stress test. Stress is part of our life. Therefore, everybody have to deal with stress. It's the degree of stress that we suffer that is individual. Please complete the questionnaire to evaluate your level of stress.

Discover your level of stress. A test validated by psychologists for a self-assessment of your stress (see an example of results)

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Self-assessment questionnaire: Are you stressed?

Choose the option that best fits your feelings. There is no right or wrong answer, and be honest, we don't keep any data. The reliability is amazing.

Question 1: Stress test

Are you having difficulty in concentration?

Question 2: Stress test

Are you feeling constantly exhausted, tired or fatigued?

Question 3: Stress test

Becoming increasingly irritable with a shortening fuse:

Question 4: Stress test

Do you feel anxiety or panic for no apparent reason?

Question 5: Stress test

Do you have frequent feelings of worthlessness?

Question 6 : Stress test

Do you have regular sleep disturbance, wakefulness, never enough sleep?

Question 7: Stress test

Have you lost your enthusiasm or enjoyment of work?

Question 8: Stress test

Aware of accomplishing less and less in the time available:

Question 9: Stress test

Do you have frequent somatic symptoms such as indigestion or headache?

Question 10: Stress test

Are you feeling burdened by responsibilities and pressures?

Question 11: Stress test

Are you tempted to "hold on" to take alcohol, drugs or other toxic?

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