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Free Stress Test: Are you under too much stress? Assess your stress profile

Free Stress Test: 10 questions
Quiz: Self-assessment of your Stress Profile

Welcome to the free stress test. Have your crazy busy days become your  normal or have you tamed the stress tiger in your life? Take a few minutes to answer these questions and see where you fall on the stress scale. A test validated by psychologists for a self-assessment of your stress profile.

Stress is a part of our lives, it's normal, gets us through our days and even energizes us to win a sports match or give a great presentation. But too much of it and you could be harming your health.

So the obvious question to ask is: Are you under too much stress? Knowing that will help you decide if you’re under control or if you need a complete stress overhaul. Test your stress profile now!
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Questionnaire: Relaxed or stressed... Test yourself!

Take a few minutes to answer these questions and know your profile on the stress scale. Choose the option that best fits your feelings in recent weeks.

Question 1 / 10: How often do you experience the following?

a) Trouble concentrating or making decisions:

b) Loss of enjoyment or interest in something you usually enjoy:

c) Changes in your sleep routine (either too much or too little sleep):

d) Changes in your appetite:

e) Unexplained feelings of sadness, guilt, irritability or restlessness:

f) Have headaches:

g) Feel tense or anxious:

h) Experience indigestion or have an upset stomach:

i) Catch a cold or flu:

j) Poor memory or forgetfulness:

k) Grind your teeth or clench your jaw:

l) Have skin rashes (eczema or hives, for example):

m) Muscle spasms or twitches:

n) Body pain (such as backaches):

o) Feel pressured (by outside sources or you strive for perfection and are too hard on yourself):

Question 2 / 10: Do you find yourself arguing with family, friends and co-workers?

Question 3 / 10: Do you make it a point to put time aside to do something just for yourself?

Yes, at least once a week
I try to but it rarely happens
Never. I have no time for « me time »

Question 4 / 10: Do you rely on a sympathetic ear to listen to your problems so that you can vent your feelings and/or get help? It could be a close family member, friend, co-worker or healthcare professional

Question 5 / 10: Have you taken time to identify what causes stress in your life?

Question 6 / 10: Are you organized enough to meet realistic goals that you set for yourself both at work and at home (that could include making realistic daily lists)?

Question 7 / 10: Do you turn to nicotine or alcohol or abuse substances to help you cope with stress or difficult situations?

Question 8 / 10: Do you find it hard to go with the flow and get in a tizzy when your plans have to change?

Question 9 / 10: Are you bogged down at work with too much to do and/or overwhelmed by your commitments outside of work?

Question 10 / 10: Have you recently experienced a significant change in your life (for example, marriage, separation/divorce, new job, job loss, the death of a loved one, moving or the birth of a child)?

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