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Free Stress Test: Assess your stress symptoms. Are you suffering from stress?

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Quiz: Self-assessment of Stress Symptoms

Welcome to the free stress test. Do you have stress symptoms? Discover your signs and symptoms of stress. Stress symptoms can be caused by medical or psychological problems. It's a warning from your body. We tend to deny that stress is affecting us. Me... I'm not stressed!. So, take this test yourself!

Discover your stress symptoms. A test developed by psychologists for a self-assessment of your stress level (see an example of results)

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Questionnaire: Do you have symptoms of stress?

Choose the option that best fits your feelings the last week, and be honest, we don't keep any data. There is no right or wrong answer, the score is accurate.

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Cognitive symptoms of stress
1. General physical restlessness
2. Not easily remembering or memory laps
3. Difficulty focusing or sustaining concentration
4. Indecisiveness
5. Feeling guilty
6. Anxious thoughts
7. Feeling blocked or trapped
8. Loss of objectivity and judgment
Emotional symptoms of stress
9. Too hard on self or perfectionism
10. Irritability, impatience
11. Feeling tired
12. Agitation, inability to really relax
13. Easily irritated or angered
14. Sense of loneliness and isolation
15. Depression or widespread sadness
Physical symptoms of stress
16. Headaches or lower back pain
17. Muscle tension
18. Diarrhea or constipation
19. Nausea
20. Insomnia
21. Chest pain, rapid heartbeat
22. Loss or weight gain
23. Frequent colds
Behavioral symptoms of stress
24. Sleeping too much or too little
25. Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
26. Abuse of alcohol, cigarettes or medications to relax
27. Over-activity in some areas (sports, shopping)
28. Disproportionate reaction to unforeseen problems
29. Nervous habits (nail biting, pacing)
30. Eating too much or too little

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