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Welcome to the free stress test. Take this test to assess your stress level. Discover the points you could improve and determines what are the deep causes of your stress in your lifestyle. Are you under stress?

Discover your level of stress. A test validated by psychologists for a self-assessment of your stress in life (see an example of results)

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Stress test: What are the main causes of your stress?

Choose the option that best fits your feelings. There is no right or wrong answer, and be honest, we don't keep any data. The test result is amazing.

Question 1 / 25: Stress test

You wake up in the morning:

Leaping out of bed and ready to go.
With difficulty and in no hurry to get started.
Slowly and muttering at that damn' alarm clock.

Question 2 / 25: Stress test

You come home at night completely worn out with three hours of work to do before you can go to bed:

You have a cup of coffee and a cigarette and go to work.
You work even faster so as to finish more quickly.
You lie down or take a nice hot bath - things will be better in the morning.

Question 3 / 25: Stress test

You suddenly feel tired in the middle of the day. What do you do?

You take a break, go to the toilet or have a glass of water or fruit juice.
You have a cup of coffee or a cigarette.
You turn to some other activity.
You open the window for a breath of fresh air.
You get angry because "the work is not going well".

Question 4 / 25: Stress test

You listen to music:

After ten pm and/or loud music.
On a Walkman while riding in the bus, to save time.
I haven't got time to listen to music!
Preferably classical music or background music.

Question 5 / 25: Stress test

Your favorite drink is:

Beer, whiskey or soft drink.
Canned or bottled fruit juice or wine.
Water or fresh-squeezed fruit juice or fresh coconut juice.

Question 6 / 25: Stress test

What is your aim in life?

I haven't the faintest idea.
To avoid problems like cancer, unemployment, terrorism, famine.
To make a lot of money so I can take dreamy vacations.
To do something interesting and useful.

Question 7 / 25: Stress test

What do you think about scientific progress and the future of mankind?

I am confident, and believe that good sense will overcome all obstacles.
Things will go from bad to worse.
I really don't care what happens.
I suppose all the problems will be solved sooner or later.

Question 8 / 25: Stress test

What do you think about the spirituality, life after death, the human mind?

That question is nonsense.
I have confidence in specialists: priests and nuns take care of things like that.
I am a practising religious person.
I think it is more important to be well and happy and to make people around me happy, rather than to participate in formal religion.

Question 9 / 25: Stress test

What would be your reaction to winning the big jackpot at the lottery?

I would go to bed, because it's been a hard day.
I would throw a dinner party for friends and relatives at the best restaurant in town and then take everybody to a night club.
I would wonder what the hell I am going to do with all that money.

Question 10 / 25: Stress test

You take tranquillizers and sleeping pills:

Never - I don't believe in them.
Rarely - only when absolutely needed.
I have some for when I need them.

Question 11 / 25: Stress test

You are in line to buy a train ticket, the train leaves in ten minutes and the line is not moving:

You grumble (out loud) at those imbeciles who never have the right change!
Take it easy! it's still ten minutes until your train leaves.
You light a cigarette to calm your nerves.
You pass in front of other persons to the head of the line so as not to miss your train.
You keep looking at your wristwatch.

Question 12 / 25: Stress test

A member of your family was supposed to come to see you an hour ago; he hasn't showed up and his telephone doesn't answer:

You wait impatiently, twiddling your thumbs.
You are worried.
You take advantage of the free time to clean up some small bits of business.
You frantically telephone everyone and everywhere trying to find out what happened.

Question 13 / 25: Stress test

You have a violent headache at the end of the day:

You believe in heroic measures - you take a cold shower.
You just take an aspirin.
You lie down hoping that the headache will go away.
You never have headaches.

Question 14 / 25: Stress test

How do you feel about household chores, washing the dishes, etc.?

I like to do that! I like everything to be nice and clean!
It's the least of my concerns.
It has to be done, even if it's unpleasant.
I never do the chores around the house - I haven't time.

Question 15 / 25: Stress test

How much coffee do you drink?

1 cup a day.
About 5 cups a day.
I prefer to drink a glass of cold water or have a breath of fresh air.

Question 16 / 25: Stress test

Suppose you live in a nice and safe village two kilometers away from your job, how would you get to work every day?

On foot or by bicycle.
By public transportation.
By car, it would save time.
I hate transportation to go to work.

Question 17 / 25: Stress test

How often do you eat meat ?

Three times a week or less.
About once a day.
At every meal.

Question 18 / 25: Stress test

At a restaurant, if you have a choice, what do you have for the first course?

Paté, roasted bacon or something with meat in it.
A salad of raw vegetables.
A bowl of soup.

Question 19 / 25: Stress test

Do you like sugar, pastry and sweet soft drinks?

Of course, I love it all; and sugar provides muscular energy.
So-so; I eat some from time to time, but not very often.
I prefer fresh fruit and rarely touch food like that; it's not very healthy.
I'm a specialist. I love it's among my favorite food.

Question 20 / 25: Stress test

Thought and action: is it your style:

To think a little and to act a lot?
To think a lot and to act a lot?
To think a little and to act a little?
To think a lot and to act a little?

Question 21 / 25: Stress test

Overall, what do you think of your life?

My life is OK.
My life is wonderful and full of good surprises !
My life is rather sad.
My life is full of lies, sad stories, and disappointments.

Question 22 / 25: Stress test

In your day to day activities - study, work, household chores:

You are enthusiastic and you do your best.
You do what you have to do, but you would prefer to be doing something more interesting.

Question 23 / 25: Stress test

When do you go to bed at night?

When you get sleepy.
Rather early, and at about the same time every night.
Rather late, when I have finished my work.
At variable hours: I don't have a regular bed time schedule.

Question 24 / 25: Stress test

How much fruit do you eat?

At every meal, and all kinds of fruit, including exotic fruit.
One piece of fruit a day.
I rarely eat fruit.

Question 25 / 25: Stress test

About your health in general:

I am always in good shape and never ill.
I am often tired and depressed.
Some days are good and some days are bad.
I am usually in good shape, but sometimes a little sickness or fatigue, especially in winter.

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