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Free Stress Test:
Official stress test in life. Assess your stress level

Free Stress Test: 10 questions
Self-assessment Quiz: Are you feeling stressed?

Welcome to the stress test in life. Are you feeling stressed? Take now this 10 question Life Stress Test to see if you are stressed in life, and if so, to what degree. Are you... relaxed or stressed?

Find out your level of stress from recent events in your life. A test validated by psychologists for a self-assessment of your stress (see an example of results)

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Stress Test in Life: Are you Feeling Stressed?

Choose the option that best fits your feelings. There is no right or wrong answer, and be honest, we don't keep any data. The reliability of the test is amazing.

Question 1 / 10: How stressed do you feel today?

I don't feel stressed at all
My stress is low
My stress is about the same
My stress is higher than normal
My stress is really high right now

Question 2 / 10: Lately, how stressful has your job/work been?

Not stressful at all
Hasn't been too stressful
About the same
Higher than normal
Really stressful

Question 3 / 10: How stressful have things been at home lately?

Not stressful at all
A little stressful
About the same
More stressful than normal
Very stressful

Question 4 / 10: Are you presently worried about your financial situation?

No, not at all
A little worried
Moderately worried
Very worried
Greatly worried

Question 5 / 10: Are you worried about losing your job?

No, not at all
A little concerned
Moderately worried
Very worried
Greatly worried

Question 6 / 10: Are you presently having any relationship problems?

No, not at all
Yes, but not too serious
Yes, more than normal
Yes, many problems
Yes, having major problems

Question 7 / 10: Have you been worrying about your health lately?

No, not at all
Yes, but not too much
Yes, more than normal
Yes, a lot
Yes, very worried

Question 8 / 10: Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately?

No, not at all
Yes, a little
Yes, more than normal
Yes, a lot
Yes, very overwhelmed

Question 9 / 10: Are you happy with how things are going in your life right now?

No, completely unhappy
No, things aren't going well
Yes, things are about the same
Yes, for the most part
Yes, absolutely

Question 10 / 10: Are you dealing with any stressful and/or major issues at the moment?

No, none
Yes, but managing okay
Yes, but only moderately stressful
Yes, and greatly stressed
Yes, and maximum stressed

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