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Free Stress Test: Assess your stress level at home. What is your stress at home?

Free Stress Test: 15 questions
Quiz: Self-assessment of your stress at home

Welcome to the stress test at home. Running out of energy? You feeling down? It's time to check your level of stress at home, in responding to these questions. Take the quiz now!

Find out your level of stress from daily situations. A test validated by psychologists for a self-assessment of your stress. What is your level of stress at home? (see an example of results)

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Questionnaire: What is your stress at home?

Choose the option that best fits the symptoms you felt the last 2 weeks, and be honest, we don't keep any data. The reliability of the test is amazing.

Question 1 / 15: I feel that I feel fast:

Question 2 / 15: I panic:

Question 3 / 15: My nerves are on edge:

Question 4 / 15: I'm depressed:

Question 5 / 15: I isolate myself:

Question 6 / 15: I've lost the desire to learn:

Question 7 / 15: I'm running away from myself:

Question 8 / 15: I have an empty feeling::

Question 9 / 15: I have no desire to do anything:

Question 10 / 15: I do more and more effort for less and less results:

Question 11 / 15: I don't recognize myself anymore:

Question 12 / 15: I feel that something in me is broken:

Question 13 / 15: I'm desperate:

Question 14 / 15: I'm very tired, feeling down:

Question 15 / 15: I have suicidal thoughts:

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