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Homeopathy for Stress:
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What is Homeopathy?

How it works the homeopathy?

Mental and emotional stress and anxiety are very common conditions, and scientific studies have confirmed that homoeopathy is an effective means of treating these disorders. The speed of action, safety and lack of interaction with drugs has homoeopathic medicines a popular means of dealing with many health issues.

In USA, 60% of Americans use homeopathic medicinal products.

Homeopathy, Control your Stress!

With homeopathy, fight your stress

Homeopathy treats stress from a completely different angle trying to address the deeper causes of the disease origin. In regard to the dosage of these remedies, generally, the use of 6C, repeated as necessary, should be sufficient.

Main principles of homeopathy for stress

Homeopathy is based on two beliefs: like cures like; and the smaller the dose the more potent the cure. First, homeopaths choose a substance that causes the same symptoms as the disease they want to treat. For example, the runny nose and watery eyes of a cold can be recreated by inhaling onion fumes, so onion juice can form the basis of a homeopathic preparation. Second, the chosen substance is repeatedly diluted and shaken (also called succussed). This is supposed to reduce the substance’s potential to harm, and also make it more effective.

Homeopathy for Stress, all Treatments!

Following is a list of homeopathic medicines to overcome stress:

Aconite (Aconitum napellus): Panic disorders, restlessness and anxiety following a fright or shock. Worse for heat and worse after exposure to cold dry winds. A great remedy for « never well since » a shock.

Aethusa (Aethusa cunapium): Anxiety accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea and extreme prostration. Especially useful in children. Worse in the open air and early mornings, better out in the open air, around other people and animal.

Anacardium (Anacardium orientale): Anxiety when walking, and anxiety tends to be accompanied by violent language. Absent minded with a poor memory and suffers from nervous exhaustion from over study. Symptoms are improved by eating and aggravated by the application of hot water.

Arg nit (Argentum nitricum): Arg nit is an excellent medicine for anticipation anxiety. Exams, driving tests, auditions, weddings, and impending competitions can all be made much easier to deal with by the action of this remedy. Those who hold unreasonable concerns for their health have also benefited from Arg nit. Symptoms are aggravated by warmth, from being alone, and eating sweet foods, and improved by company, cold and fresh air.

Arnica (Arnica montana): Normally thought of as a remedy for shock and physical injury, Arnica is also a very useful remedy for the long term effects of acute stress, shock or trauma. Worse for jarring, cold or damp and better for lying down with head low.

Ars alb (Arsenicum album): Anxiety, unreasonable fear, fear of disease or death and restlessness in those of a fastidious nature characterize this remedy. Panic attacks in the very early hours of the morning may also call for Arsenicum. Worse when alone or exposed to wet or cold weather, cold food or drink and better for company, heat and warm drinks.

Aurum (Aurum metallicum): Anxiety leads to severe depression, often to the point of suicide and often with outbursts of anger. Symptoms are often relieved by music, and aggravated by cold weather. It is not uncommon to see those suffering from seasonally affective disorder (SAD) or seasonal bipolar disorder, a depressive condition predominant in autumn and winter, being prescribed Aurum.

Chamomilla (Chamomilla matricaria): Stress, sensitivity, restlessness and great irritability often lead to the prescription of chamomile. An excellent remedy for stressed or anxious children, chamomile is worse mid-morning or at night, worse for heat and better for being carried or held.

Coffea (Coffea cruda): Anxiety accompanied by a great restless of the mind, Coffea is often the answer to stress induced insomnia. Drinking coffee or consuming stimulants often aggravate the symptoms for this remedy, as does any strong emotion such as joy or surprise. Symptoms are generally improved by warmth and lying down.

Gelsemium (Gelsemium sempervirens): Gelsemium is often very useful for stress associated with anticipation of an event (examinations, etc...) and ailments that occur after a fright or shock. Stress is often associated with shaking and fatigue. Complaints are often aggravated mid morning, damp weather and are better after urination.

Kali ars (Kali arsenicosum): Stress and anxiety related to fear of disease, particularly heart disease, or fear of death are good indicators for this remedy. Worse for cold air, cold food or cold drink.

Nit ac (Nitricum acidum): Extreme irritability and fears of death by things such as cancer associated with stress are often indicative of the need for Nit ac. Symptoms are aggravated by hot weather and improved by travelling in a car.

Silica (Silica terra): Stressed and anxious about noise, imminent event and trivial things may indicate the need for Silica. Silica is sensitive to all impressions and may appear to lack self-confidence. Worse for cold air and drafts, better for warmth.

Stamonium (Datura stramonium): Anxiety characterized by fear of death, water, and darkness, and often extreme violence brings Stramonium to mind. Symptoms are worse after sleep and better for warmth and company.

How to Take the Homeopathy for Stress

6C and 30C are the most widely available and are the best potencies to use for minor complaints of anxiety.

• Take the selected remedy according to the urgency of your symptoms – usually 2 to 6 times daily. • Take the remedy less often (increase the gaps between doses) once it starts to work. • Stop on ‘marked’ improvement & repeat as needed i.e. start again if the same symptoms return. • Reassess your choice of remedy if you have taken it for several days with no response. • Consult your own homeopath before taking anything if you are receiving homeopathic treatment. • Seek the advice of a professional homeopath if your symptoms are chronic (long term) or if it’s hard to workout how you are feeling—it is harder to be objective about your own symptoms if you are stressed emotionally.

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