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Very high stress level. Warning!

Your level of stress: 250 / 250 points

If your total stress score is higher than 150, you are stressed. If your total stress score is greater than 200, you are suffering high stress.

Interpretation of your Results:

You´re really having a bad period. You´re probably exhausted. You experience a feeling of fatigue and emptiness, leading you to divest you of all relationships. You demean you constantly. Do not stay in this situation, talk to your doctor. Your health is in danger. And remember, « do something you enjoy every day » to cope better with stress.

Here are some tips to better manage your stress:
• Delegate tasks. Learn to say no
• Discover the benefits of relaxation
• Be more optimistic, it´s a good attitude towards life
• Respect your biological rhythms more carefully
• Eliminate the small daily problems
• Eat better to increase vitality and energy

If you want more information about your stress, you can take our free stress tests, an accurate tests developed by psychologists.

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