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Free Stress Test: Assess your Burnout and Job stress. Are you in Burnout? (MBI-22)

Results of the Burnout test (MBI):

You are at severe risk of burnout – do something about this urgently

You have obtained the following scores:

• Emotional Exhaustion: 30 / 54 points (high level > 30 points)
• Depersonalization: 10 / 30 points (high level > 12 points)
• Personal Accomplishment: 10 / 48 points (high level > 40 points)

Interpretation of your Results:

Your score suggests a severe risk of Burnout. Burnout is a psychological term that refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work. Burnout has been assumed to result from chronic occupational stress. Did you know? A recent study showed that burnout may be a depressive syndrome rather than a new or distinct entity.

You also have a moderate degree of depersonalization or loss of empathy. It´s characterized by a decline in positive consideration of others (clients, colleagues...), it´s an attitude where the emotional distance is important, observable by cynical speeches, or even by indifference.

Finally, your score suggests a low degree of personal achievement. It´s a feeling which would ensure a balance in the case of burnout and depersonalization. It provides pleasure at work, a positive Outlook on the professional achievements.

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